The City of Atlanta is committed to serving as a national leader in achieving meaningful criminal justice reform. Comprehensive actions in the areas of police reform and justice reform are essential to move our city forward. Atlanta accepted President Obama’s call-to-action, and we continue to strive to make holistic reforms to our criminal justice system, including through the closing and reimagining of the City’s detention center.

Path Forward
Meaningful reform requires an ongoing commitment to actions that will drive progress in reimagining our justice system. Click here to learn more about current initiatives the Bottoms Administration is undertaking in this space.
Actions Taken
Since taking office, Mayor Bottoms has implemented a number of actions to reform Atlanta’s criminal justice system and achieve her vision for One Atlanta – an affordable, resilient and equitable city.
February 2024

Winter 2024 Brings Significant Center for Diversion and Services Construction Progress

April 2023

Core Atlanta Stakeholders Break Ground on Center for Diversion and Services

Core Atlanta Stakeholders Break Ground on Center for Diversion and Services

February 2023

Grady Hospital Selected to Operate Upcoming Center for Diversion and Services

Continuing progress toward development of the Center for Diversion and Services, Grady Hospital was recently selected to operate the Diversion Center on a 24/7 basis. Grady will collaborate with core partners including the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia Justice Project (GJP), and the Policing Alternatives and Diversion Initiative (PAD). The Diversion Center will offer 24/7 pre-arrest law enforcement drop-off for individuals experiencing concerns related to homelessness, mental health, substance use, and/or poverty and will be located within the 254 Peachtree St., SW building. Aiming to reduce arrest and jail and empower individuals with tools and resources to move forward positively, Diversion Center guests will be welcomed by a peer-led team and receive a holistic, person-centered set of services. Some of those services will include mental and physical health assessments, basic medical care (with transportation to Grady’s main campus for acute needs), sobering and resting spaces, and access to food, clothing, bathrooms, showers, and laundry services. Guests will also work with PAD peer navigators to create a long-term care plan outlining access to a wider range of on- and off-site services, some of which will include legal navigation (including outstanding warrant resolution), housing support, substance use and/or residential treatment, job-related resources, and more. Grady, serving as the operator, will manage the Diversion Center on a daily basis, including coordination of the above services among all on- and off-site partners. Grady was selected after a months-long open and competitive procurement process, which included an evaluation team of partners and subject matter experts from the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, and other relevant organizations and service providers. The Atlanta City Council adopted a resolution confirming Grady as the operator on January 3, 2023. Grady will provide regular impact and performance reports to the Diversion Center’s oversight body, the Justice Policy Board. The Diversion Center is slated to open in spring 2024, with construction beginning by March 2023. Throughout 2023, Grady will lead continued Diversion Center pre-opening development, including developing a Warrant Resolution Clinic (in close partnership with GJP), training law enforcement and Diversion Center staff, finalizing on-site operational protocol, building out a case management system, collaborating with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs on indoor and outdoor public art, overseeing construction and landscaping, and establishing an off-site referral network. Stay tuned for additional updates in the coming months!

May 2022

The Police Executive Research Forum and APD Urban Planning and Management Provide the Atlanta Police Department with Approximately 150 Policy and Practice Recommendations

In November 2020, the City of Atlanta, through the Atlanta Committee for Progress, engaged the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and APD Urban Planning and Management (APD Urban) to conduct a comprehensive study of Atlanta Police Department (APD) policies and practices and develop a community engagement plan.

November 2021

City of Atlanta and Fulton County Establish Strategic Partnership to Develop Center for Diversion and Services

Through collaborative efforts, the City of Atlanta and Fulton County recently established a strategic partnership that will create and fund a 24/7 pre-arrest Center for Diversion and Services.

August 2021

Mayor Launches Use of Force Dashboard and Video Evidence Submittal Portal

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms launched two initiatives per her Administrative Orders related to the Mayor’s Use of Force Advisory Council recommendations: a public use of force dashboard and a video evidence submittal portal.

July 2021

Mayor’s Anti-Violence Advisory Council Delivers Recommendations to Address COVID Crime Wave

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced that the Mayor’s Anti-Violence Advisory Council has delivered its recommendations for immediate and long-term actions to address the current wave of violent crime.

July 2021

Policing Alternatives and Diversion Now Available Citywide

City of Atlanta residents in all zones may now use the ATL311 non-emergency services line to request assistance with concerns related to mental health, substance use, or extreme poverty.

May 2021

Mayor Bottoms’ Anti-Violence Advisory Council Named

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has convened an impressive Anti-Violence Advisory Council to address violent crime in Atlanta. The council—comprised of community members and partners—will review the City’s plans to address violent crime and report immediate recommendations to Mayor Bottoms within 45 days.

April 2021

Mayor Bottoms Unveils the One Atlanta: One APD Community Policing Roadmap

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms released the One Atlanta: One APD Community Policing Roadmap—a cohesive community policing strategy that will help reform policing in our community and protect all Atlantans.

January 2021

Launch of PAD 311 Community Referral Services

The City of Atlanta and the Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (PAD) are partnering to launch 311 Community Referral Services.

January 2021

Mayor’s Office Presents on Justice Reform and Corrections Redeployment

Mayor’s Office staff presented to City Council during a Public Safety Committee ACDC Work Session to discuss a justice reform plan of action and Department of Corrections redeployment plan.

January 2021

Mayor Bottoms Unveils One Atlanta: One APD Immediate Action Plan

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms released the One Atlanta: One APD Immediate Action Plan to address violent crime in the city. The Plan is part of a broader effort focused on bolstering support for the Atlanta Police Department and reforming policing in the city.

December 2020

Mayor’s Office Provides Implementation Update on Use of Force Advisory Council Recommendations

Mayor’s Office staff presented to City Council during a Public Safety Committee Work Session to provide a status update on Use of Force Advisory Council recommendations, the process for implementing recommendations, and the path forward.

November 2020

Mayor Bottoms Announces Partnerships with Police Executive Research Forum and Urban Planning and Management, LLC.

Mayor Bottoms announces that the City of Atlanta has engaged the services of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and a local planning and community engagement firm, Urban Planning and Management.

August 2020

Mayor Bottoms Acts Upon Use of Force Advisory Council’s 45-Day Recommendations

Mayor Bottoms announced seven Administrative Orders (AO) after receiving the Mayor’s Use of Force Advisory Council’s 45-day recommendations.

June 2020

Administrative Orders: Use of Force Advisory Council’s 14 Day Recommendations

Upon receiving the Advisory Council’s early action recommendations, Mayor Bottoms immediately issued three Administrative Orders and submitted a letter to the Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB) to take action on these recommendations.

June 2020

Passage of FY21 Budget

Despite the major challenges posed by COVID-19, the Mayor’s budget continues to increase equity across communities, expand opportunities to address the needs of our most vulnerable residents, and provide relief and recovery assistance to those affected by the pandemic.

June 2020

Administrative Orders: Transforming APD

Mayor Bottoms issued two new Administrative Orders related to transforming the City of Atlanta Police Department. The first order calls for the adoption of reforms regarding the Atlanta Police Department’s use of force policies. The second order calls for a comprehensive review of how policing should be handled by the City of Atlanta.

June 2020

Mayor Bottoms Announces Reimagining ACDC Task Force Recommendations

The recommendations in the Task Force Report include four design proposals, over 10 City and State statute amendments, and four focused service areas.

June 2020

Convening of Use of Force Advisory Council

Mayor Bottoms issued an Administrative Order to convene an Advisory Council comprised of community members and partners to examine the City’s use of force policies and procedures.

May 2020

Legislation to Close and Reimagine Atlanta City Detention Center

Mayor Bottoms signed legislation authorizing the closure of the Atlanta City Detention Center (ACDC).

January 2020

Police Recruit Housing Complex Groundbreaking

The complex is part of the Atlanta Police Foundation’s Secure Neighborhoods program designed to reduce crime, improve community policing and provide affordable housing to Atlanta Police Officers.

December 2019

Restriction of Records Related to Minor Offenses

Mayor Bottoms issued an Administrative Order to establish a process to restrict the records of offenses for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana or other minor offenses from public view.

September 2018

Executive Order on ICE Detainees

Mayor Bottoms signed an Executive Order directing the Atlanta City Department of Corrections to permanently stop receiving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees.

September 2018

APD Pay Raise

Mayor Bottoms signed legislation authorizing an unprecedented 30 percent pay increase for Atlanta Police officers over three years.

April 2018

LGBTQ Citizens Police Academy

The APD launched its first-ever LGBTQ Citizens Police Academy, during which conversations were had on the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community and how to better partner with police.

April 2018

Launch of the PAT3 Program

The Preparing Adult Offenders through Treatment and Therapy (PAT3) program focuses on the reentry needs of incarcerated men with children by providing job training and employment opportunities with the City of Atlanta.

February 2018

Cash Bond Reform

Mayor Bottoms signed an ordinance to end the predatory practice of cash bond requirements for violation of city ordinances.