APD Pay Raise

September 2018

The Issue

In early 2018, the City of Atlanta conducted a comprehensive market assessment to form base pay recommendations for APD’s police ranks. Once published, Mayor Bottoms convened a series of priority meetings with APD, the Atlanta Police Foundation, City of Atlanta officials and stakeholders to craft a swift and equitable plan of action to address the compensation concerns.

The Solution

The pay increase — 30 percent over the next three years — ensures that APD wages are competitive with other agencies in the region and in similarly sized urban centers nationwide. Additionally, this increase stabilizes Atlanta’s police force, enhances the retention of experienced officers, and strengthens recruitment efforts.

Each day, the women and men of the Atlanta Police Department serve our communities selflessly – some making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our city safe. It is time for the City of Atlanta to take care of those who take care of us.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms